A digital drawing pad

Penception is a playful drawing app that makes use of procedural algorithms, allowing users to create wonderful line drawings. Penception includes procedural pens, paint brushes and pens.

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Penception Update 1.4

  • Fix Fixed issue when trying to Erase or Return to app from background

Penception Update 1.3

  • NEW Introducing “Text” to penception….. The latest tool allows you to quickly and intuitively add and modify text tags on your drawing. 


Penception Update 1.2

  • NEW More accurate control over Procedural brushes, now you can adjust the range and distance between lines, allowing you to really perfect your style. 
  • NEW A New option for a mini Toolbar allows for access to brush and pen settings on the fly. 
  • NEW New interface for adjusting opacity and size of pens and brushes. 
  • Fix Fixes with iPhone camera import when no camera is available… iPad 1


Penception (Inkling) Version 1.1

  • NEW New Vine Procedural pen
  • NEW Enabled Twitter sharing
  • Fix Fixes with iPhone camera import and Sharing

Penception (Inkling) Version 1.0

April 2013
  • NEW Initial release for iOS : full iOS 5 + iOS 6 compatibility