A digital drawing pad

Penception is a playful drawing app that makes use of procedural algorithms, allowing users to create wonderful line drawings. Penception includes procedural pens, paint brushes and pens.

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brushes Tools

A Selection of drawing tools are available. Pens,Brushes,Procedural tools and Erase. Quick-Tools allow for access at any time to “Color Picker”, “Background Layers”, “Undo” and “Tool Settings”.

HDlogo HD Drawing

Enjoy extreme detail in your drawings.User-Interface graphics have been created for Retina displays in order to provide a crisp, clean graphic experience. iPad provides resolutions up to 2048×1536 […]

camera Import

Import images as your background layer from you Camera or Photo Album

Sharing Sharing

Share your sketches from within the app. Currently supports Email, Facebook and Flickr.

colorButton Customization

Full control over pen and brush Color,Size and Opacity

appStore Try Before you Buy

FREE Try before you buy: Basic pens and brushes are free. You can Try and Buy more advanced tools from right within the App.

OpenGLbutton OpenGL

Enjoy smooth drawing with the power of OpenGL acceleration.